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10 Top Tips for walking The Great Glen Way

1. First foot forward: This is your treat, it’s a challenge but it’s your time to escape for a while. Think of the pure air, the stunning views and the chance to feel part of something bigger.
2. Feet: Look after your fantastic feet; wear the right shoes and take blister plasters and good socks!
3. Keep the wind at your back: the prevailing wind is from West to East
4. Midges: Take repellent and find good slightly windy places to stop.
5. Weather: we get lots of it: be prepared for all seasons
6. Camera: You’ll want to capture a photo if Nessie makes an appearance. Or if she doesn’t make an appearance, you can take a photo for your PC monitor to remind you of that perfect holiday.
7. Food: take a wee snack. It’s a good journey and it may help with the following:
8. Patience: If travelling with someone who likes to say ‘are we there yet’ ; take a deep breath and count to ten!
9. Celebrate: A wee dram at the Castle Tavern in Inverness to toast the success of a glorious journey
10. Top it off with 1 hour on Inverness Walking Tours listening to some great stories and having fun

Starting at Fort William, the site of Scotland’s highest mountain Ben Nevis, the Great Glen Way is one of Scotland’s best walks. Linking Fort William to the Highlands Capital, Inverness over 79 miles (127 km) and the Great Glen Way is a ‘wee gem’ of a walk. Taking 5 – 6 days on foot or if you fancy more of a challenge; 2 -3 days by bike!
The trails are peaceful, moderate and gentler to the West Highland way. This ancient walk takes in remote glens, stunning mountains and peaceful forests. Gaze at the dramatic lochs and enjoy the view from Neptune’s Staircase. Walking past Urquhart Castle will provide a commanding view of Loch Ness and its dark peaty waters. Finishing in Inverness to celebrate your successful venture.

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