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Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins.

Many people ask our guides what the best thing to do in Inverness is. Apart from a walking tour of course. Well, one of our favourite activities is spotting Dolphins. Unbeknown to many a local and tourists there are two beautiful bottlenose Dolphins that live under the Kessock Bridge. Their names are Kesslet and Charlie. The mother and son bond they have is delightful to see as they are always playing or hunting for yummy fish. Kesslet is a fantastic hunter, with more than a few skills tucked away under her curvy fin when it comes to landing a hearty meal!

One of the beautiful Dolphins you can see in Inverness catching a fish.

Charlie, like his mother is a large character. He is known as the cheekiest Charlie in Inverness. It is very special however, they can be seen breaching (this is the fancy word for jumping.) 

Another Dolphin jumping.

A locally run company called Dolphin Spirit are fantastic. They abide by the Dolphin Space Program meaning that their boats do not chase the dolphins which allows the Dolphins, if they wish to come to the boat themselves. From personal experience this means that the Dolphins are better protected and are happy to come up to the boat as they are not scared. Not only do you get the opportunity to see dolphins but an expertly trained guide tells you about the local area. The link to their website is below and you can call the Dolphin Spirit Team to ask any questions.

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