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I reached the end of my tour and was compelled to listen to an unexpected sound.  A lone piper walked into the castle courtyard with his bagpipe, weaving a captivating melody.   It was a summers evening and the atmosphere electric.  My attention was grabbed and my small audience hypnotised by his haunting musical performance.   The rhythm and tempo built as a second piper joined in the euphony.  On that Castle hill we could feel emotion, energy and a shared connection.  My breath caught and the hairs on the back of my neck tingled.  The wind was still, the sky brooding and we waited.  There was a realisation and sense of expectation that something was happening which we couldn’t predict.

A third piper emerged from behind the castle to create a rousing musical blend on this beautiful summer evening. The audience leant closer, eyes wide seeking the echoes of a forth piper.  Our focus shifted to a realisation of two people standing in the middle of this gathering band of pipers.

A breathless man with his heart in his hands staring into the eyes of the person he loved. His face marked with emotion and longing.  He slowly went down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage.  A fifth piper and my breath caught in my throat.  Desperate not to miss a thing, her reaction, her joy, not quite able to hear their words but catching the full impact of his decision to declare his love and desire to commit to her.  I struggled to clear my tears of emotion as time seemed to slow.  I struggled to continue with what I had to say and looking around me I shared in this moment with people who had been touched by the beauty of this moment.  Her touching, faltering, positive reply and to their shared belief in a future filled with joy and a celebration of happiness.

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