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Weird and wonderful visitors

Scotland gets over 15 million visitors a year. Inverness Walking Tours are lucky enough to get a few of those travellers and it is about time we appreciate them.
First, Hannah and Christine, our fun, friendly feisty ladies from Kentucky. Not only do these women have a love for travel but also are caring and kind natured. These outlander mad lasses have come across that Atlantic to explore the world of folk law and magic. Of course, they were not disappointed they visited the magic fairly pools. Hopefully their wishes will come true, and we meet again.

Our favourite customers are smiley ones and of course all our customers are smiley ones! We hope you continue to smiles and be super colourful Liz!

Ever wonder where our visitors end up? This beautiful couple of an American man and Swiss lady were traveling in Scotland, met and fell in love. Let us know how your romance is blossoming. I hope you are both still traveling the world together and creating memories.

Outlander Inverness group was very kind and came along for a trip to teach me more about our city centres connection to the Gabaldon novel. An amazing group of men and women who are passionate and intelligent. Please come back again! Visit their blog to learn all about the hard work they put into our local area.

We would love to hear all about your experiences in Inverness, why not drop us an email and tell us how you got on with our guides?

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