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Meet the Team- Andy
Andy is one of our expertly trained guides. By day Andy is a physics teacher at a local high school and by night Andy delivers walking tours. Of course, these two jobs have many transferable skills, Andy easily grasps the attention of his tour with his humorous approach. Yes, this does mean Dad jokes. However, I would not misbehave on his tour… you might get a detention! His intelligent and friendly attitude is deemed very popular with customers. Andy is full of enthusiasm and this shines through when he delivers his tour. We are delighted at how easy he has slotted into the role. He loves to talk about Inverness in ancient times, ask him about Clan Macdonald and Macbeth- his two favourite subject areas…. apart from physics of course. One thing you may notice about Andy is the occasional stray dog hair, he is a real animal lover. On his few days off he enjoyed taking his Golden retriever Arwen, and Labrador Doogan to the beach. Andy knows lots about the best walks in the area and can offer some advice about beaches, mountains and woodland. Andy is an amazing addition to the team.
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