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Inverness Old Church

Inverness Old High Church

The little hill where the Old High Church stands is called St Michael’s Mound. This is where it is said Saint Columba preached to King Brude and the Pictish people in 565 A.D. This is a very important event in Scottish history as this was when the Christian religion was adopted. Now, it is suspected that this form of the Church was made of wood but no traces remain today. In the Summer time, this small hill is covered in beautiful green grass and a colourful flower display.

The first written reference to the Old High Church was in 1164. (That is a seriously long time ago) It was described by the Bishop of Diocese as a ‘noble, strong and distinguished place.’ This view is still held today. It was originally called St Mary’s church until the reformation in 1560. This is when it changed to the High Church. When Inverness started to grow so did the church resulting in a rebuild in 1641. At this point, it still had a thatched roof- which I can tell you in Inverness must have taken some battering from the weather in the winter. Thus, it is not surprising it was rebuilt. They split the new Church into two, the Gaelic and English Church. The Gaelic Church was situated where Leakies book shop now stands but only the gate remains of the original building. It is the English-speaking Church which remains today.

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